How Many Trialists Are Using Bayes?

By Zad | October 15, 2018

A quick look at how many published randomized controlled trials mentioned Bayesian analyses throughout the years.

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Influential Errors | The Diet Heart Tale

By Zad | October 2, 2018

A look at how an influential meta-analysis continues to be cited widely when it contains a major error that has gone unnoticed.

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Misplaced Confidence in Observed Power

By Zad | September 30, 2018

Another misinterpretation of what statistical power is and how trial results should be reported in a popular journal.

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The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Fish Oil?

By Zad | September 27, 2018

A look at fish oil’s controversial evidence base and how a recently completed trial fits in with all of that.

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The Bradford Hill Criteria Don’t Hold Up

By Zad | September 6, 2018

The Bradford Hill Criteria are commonly used as a checklist to argue for causality when randomized trials aren’t possible. However, the originator of these viewpoints never intended for them to be used this way. In this post, I examine the shortcomings of using these viewpoints as a checklist in the real world.

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