Is Moderate Carbohydrate Intake the Best?

Recently, a giant paper on carbohydrate consumption and mortality was published in The Lancet. The paper discussed the findings of a prospective cohort study and a meta-analysis of several cohort studies. Studies like this are often the ones that generate the most hype, which is always bizarre to me given

Meta-Analysis: Choose Your Model Wisely

Meta-analyses are incredibly common in the literature and they can be hard to understand. In this post, I explain why we conduct meta-analyses in the first place, the effects of different assumptions on the calculations, and traps to avoid when choosing a model.

fish oil capsules

It’s Looking Bad for Fish Oil and CVD

Fish oil is a controversial supplement to take for cardiovascular disease. A recent study compiled the evidence from several well-designed studies to assess the relationship between supplementation and CVD outcomes. Here’s a look at that study.